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The Beginning of My Erasmus Mundus MS

September, 2013 is when I started my Masters of Science in Europe. I was accepted in the Erasmus Mundus program called CIMET (Color in Informatic and MEdia Technology). It is a two year course where every semester give you the opportunity to study in one of two countries. The first semester there was a choice between Saint Etienn, France or Granada, Spain. For my first semester, I chose Saint Etienne, France. The semester second semester offers the same two choices. I chose Granada, Spain for the second semester. The third semester give the choices of either Joensuu, Finland or Gjovik, Norway. I am choosing Joensuu, Finland. The fourth semester is for the Master Thesis. It can be done either through any of the four places mentioned previously, two other partner institutes, or with a company. This is undecided until the third semester begins. Oh, and all classes are taught in English.

France was an interesting place to live and be a student in for about five months. I had some fun adventures and great travels. This is the next chapter that will be posted.

Many pictures to come :)

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NAB 2013

The second trip out to the National Association of Broadcasters conference was fun. Going to any conference or convention a second time always seems to be more fun for me personally because I have less of the overwhelming sense of vastness and more of a direction with assurance of where I want to go and what I want to do. Nonetheless, the conference was still the most massive gathering of booths and professionals that I’ve ever experienced. A lot of walking.

The other half of my time was me stressing about how to talk to these people. Round two still had yet to teach me the finer things about who was here for what. I had no business cards because I had decided to attend graduate school. Therefore, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a job. I just wanted to see if I could make connections. Apparently this is not one of my skills and I need more practice.

Highlights for this trip were two things: I got my acceptance into graduate school during the trip and James Cameron showed interest in my senior project. I was one of the happiest people on Earth that day.

Part of how this trip was made possible is that it’s organized by the director of my undergraduate program for the express purpose of allowing us to see and experience the kinds of people and places and companies that we could work with later in life. At the convention we get our own booth that display the seniors’ senior projects. And mine caught the eye of James Cameron’s crew. Day was made.

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Western Convention and the Grand Canyon

Summer 2012 I went on a trip out west with my mother and several aunts in order to go to a western convention. My mother and I headed out early and toured the Grand Canyon. We later met up with her sisters for the convention and other touring of the nearby land.

This was my first time seeing the Grand Canyon and we did it on the back of a mule around the north rim. I love horseback riding and the mules were a great way to see the canyon in my opinion.

- Grand Canyon, North Rim. Photo by me.

-Grand Canyon, North Rim. Photo by Me.

- Cows in PINK Sand Dunes in Arizona. Photo by me.

- Temples and Tower. Photo by me.

- Picnic area in Southern Arizona. Photo by me.

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NAB 2012

Going to the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas for the first time was incredible. I had been to conventions before, but not in Las Vegas and not for film and broadcasting technology.

(Previous experience is comic conventions in New York City, but anyways)

Before actually going into the buildings where all of the booths are setup, one of the highlights of the trip happened for me: Breakfast With Betty. I got to be one of the people that got to sit in the presence of The Betty White as she received her award as a member of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

- Betty White during Breakfast With Betty, NAB 2012 Las Vegas. Photo by Me.

She is an amazing woman and still has lots of energy and gumption. The food happened to be good too.

After that, it was mostly early mornings and late evenings of getting to the convention and meandering around the stalls. As a junior in an undergraduate study for a BS in Motion Picture Science, I made it my mission to visit as many booths as possible in order to see exactly where the who’s whos were as well as find out exactly what other kinds of companies make it to this global big deal. Made definite plans to go again the next year as a senior with hopes of finding that company I can get my first job at.

Went to a Vegas show or two as well which were definitely worth it.

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2011-2012 New Year’s in Bonaire

Junior Year of undergraduate study I enrolled in an underwater cinematography class. It seemed only natural to enroll in the follow-up class of advanced underwater cinematography the next quarter. As part of the advanced class, we all go to the island of Bonaire to become certified advanced open water divers and gather video footage for a final project.

I had only ever been to the Caribbean once before in my life and it wasn’t anything spectacular. This trip was spectacular. I didn’t know any of the other classmates well, but we all managed a good time. Out of my footage I made a personal video compilation. Alas, it is back at home and I cannot post it now. I hope to post it in the future once I get back home (summer 2015). Until then, dives are being scheduled for newer (and hopefully better) footage!

Underwater goodies soon to come.

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The End of Study Abroad Winter-Spring 2011

After the romp through southern France, I made my way back to Ireland where my one semester study abroad was. After spending one last week with a friend that I had made during my study, it was back to the USA.

The study abroad was during my sophomore year of undergraduate study (in New York State). Junior year saw me going first to the island of Bonaire for a class in underwater cinematography and then Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference. Senior year saw me again in Las Vegas for the same conference. There was a quick trip to the grand canyon and nearby area the summer after graduation.

Currently I am in graduate school in Europe. I am in an Erasmus Mundus program called CIMET (Color in Informatics and MEdia Technology). This program has had me in France for my first semester, Spain currently for the second semester, Finland during the third semester, and then a work study with one of the campuses associated with the program or with a company approved by the director.

I will be making 4 more quick posts summarizing the conferences, Bonaire, and the grand canyon. After that, there will be catch-up post from France and then current posts of Spain.

The hope is to be current once again, but still share some of the adventures that I’ve had the years between my first study abroad and now.

Posting to you all soon!

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Marseilles - Frioul Archipelago

Out of Vieux Port, I took a ferry to the Frioul Archipelago. You can stop at one of two places, or both. One stop is the Château d’Il which is one of the settings for The Count of Monte Cristo. The other stop are the Ratonneau and Pomègues islands which are joined by a man-made breakwater. I just went to the islands for a walk. Which I nearly regretted because it was very very hot and sunny. Really glad I had my light hooded jacket that day to help protect against the sun.


- The breakwater between the islands. Photo by me.

Most of civilization on the islands is around the breakwater. Most everywhere else is hiking territory with paths that lead to old forts and pubic beaches.


- One of the larger beaches on one of the islands. Photo by me.


- Birds on the ruined walls. Photo by me.

All over the island were lots and lots of birds. One path that I took they were particularly mad at my tresspassing and screamed at me until I was on the other side of the hill. Of course, there were a lot of babies at the time and it looked like some were at the “learning to fly” stage. At one small drop of, I looked down to see an adult fly out, hover and come back to two little babies that didn’t seem to understand the concepts.


- Info Plaque on one of the islands. Photo by me.

Scattered along the paths were these info plaques that were set into the rocks. This one happens to be about the islands themselves. Others ranged from the animals that lived on them to what some of the structures used to be.


- Abandoned fort on one of the islands. Photo by me.

There’s also a snake crossing my path if you look at the long black “rope”.

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Marseilles - Church of Notre-Dame de la Garde

This church, or rather basilica, is one of the shiniest I’ve ever seen. It also has one of the best views of the city, the port, and the nearby islands.


- Up the stairs to the church. Photo by me.


- Inside the church where boats are hung and you pray for good weather at see. Photo by me.


- Anchor monument near the church. Photo by me.

Boats and anchor motifs are prevalent in and around the church. I wish I could remember exactly what this mini monument was about, but I didn’t get my close-up of the info block. Apologies.


- Soccer field near the church. - Photo by me.

Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a nice view of the city and the port from the church.

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Marseilles - the Port

My hotel in Marseilles was near the Old Port or Vieux-Port. It’s the main harbor and marina of the city. It’s great to walk alongside, and in the early morning the fisherman sell their daily catches.


- Vieux-Port, Marseilles. -Photo by me.


- Notre-Dame de la Garde from Vieux Port. - Photo by me.


- Fisherman selling his eels and octopus and fish. -Photo by me.

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Marseilles - The City

Last stop on the trip was to Marseilles. It’s a very nice city so long as you stay along the tourist track and the beaches. I stayed long enough for the city tour and a day trip to the islands.


- Man on the path that runs through a fountain. - Photo by me.

Marseilles has lots of fountains. This one in particular I though was cool because of the path that ran down the center.


- Palais Longchamp from one of the main stairs. - Photo by me.

This is where some of the famous museums were. I didn’t go to any of the museums though because the weather was nice and I was enjoying the exploration from old building to older building.


- Pedestrian street near shopping district. - Photo by me.

This is how most of the streets looked as you go through the areas where the private shops are. 


- View of the Notre-Dame de la Garde. -Photo by me.

In the distance is one of Marseilles most famous sites, the Church of Notre-Dame de la Garde. I bought a ticket for the little tourist “trains” that take you through the city and the last stop before taking you back to city center is the church. Pictures of the church will be posted later.

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